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I really need to start paying more attention to things…

640rootsLast night, my youngest daughter wandered into the family room after dinner. She had changed out of her school uniform into a t-shirt and a pair of track pants that looked suspiciously like mine.

“Are those my track pants?” I asked her.

“Possibly,” she replied with a smile.

“No, don’t smile at me. I was just going upstairs to put those on! They are the only pair I have clean!” I yelled bellowed whined said.

I then did a quick inventory of our clothes in my head and added “besides, you own six pairs of track pants and I have two. Why are you taking mine?”

“I don’t know,” she replied, “I guess I couldn’t find any of mine.”

“You can’t find ANY of your track pants? Seriously? Then you need to go and clean up your room,” I ordered.

She left and a few minutes later returned wearing a pair of track pants that I’d missed counting in my previous inventory.

I then realized my kid owns SEVEN pair of track pants. In her defense, some of them are hand me downs from her siblings, but still.

Who needs seven different pairs of track pants?


Well, apparently, my kid does.

And apparently, her father and I have been paying for her to collect them.

As I was going upstairs to do laundry tonight I stopped at my daughter’s bedroom door to talk to her and noticed that she had clothes strewn everywhere in her room.

I started to tell her to clean up her clothes but then I stopped because I was really worried about the fact that if she did clean up her room she might unearth an eighth pair of track pants.

Or, possibly even a ninth.

And that is just way too over-consumerish to contemplate tonight.



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Ironing? What’s that?

ironMy youngest daughter has to wear oxford style uniform shirts to school.

Up until this year I’ve bought her wrinkle free shirts that don’t require a lot of care, they haven’t always looked perfect right out of the dryer, but they’ve always looked um, okayish.

(For the record if there ever was an important occasion at school I would iron one of the wrinkle free shirts for her – I do have some standards. Low ones.)

This year, however, my youngest daughter decided she wanted to buy a big brand name oxford shirt that is not wrinkle free to use for her school shirts.

These particular cotton shirts come out of the dryer looking like crap.

I told her that if I was buying these shirts for her, she had to iron them.

She did – for the first three days of school.

Today, her shirt is a wrinkled mess.

But, she’s a teenager so, she doesn’t care.

And me?

I guess I’m about to learn not to care either.


Better things to worry about than this, right?



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I’m beautiful, just the frumpy way I am…

LipstickYesterday, I got an e-mail from Twitter informing me that six, (yes six!) BEAUTY bloggers are now following me.

Um, ladies? I have one question for you.


I mean I do wear lipstick and I brush my hair.

I wear jeans and, on a good day, I wear a clean shirt with them.

I am not however into makeup and fashion stuff.

Still, I was curious so I went on these beauty blogger's websites and I checked out what they wrote about. 

These bloggers are articulate, YOUNG and uh, beautiful but they also talk in a language I don't understand.

I mean, contouring? What does that have to do with my face?

The last time I heard anything about contouring I was in a tenth grade geography class looking at maps.

Sorry, but my face just isn't the contouring type.

I also don't own a white eyeliner and on these sites that looks like it might be considered a sin. 

Honestly, my biggest fear is that these lovely beauty bloggers have started following me with the intention of staging some sort of an intervention with me.

Now, realistically I may need some help but, really?

It's never going to happen.

I am not going to become beauty savvy. I have no interest.

I'm happy just the way I am.

My frumpiness and I are on good terms.

I actually even sorta EMBRACE my frumpiness.

I AM frumpy-tired mama.


Hear me roar.


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I am the coolest…

I bought a new pair of shoes today.

Here, I'll show you the picture I sent my older daughter on my cell phone.


Nice, right?

I bought them because they are comfortable and remind me of the shoes I loved when I was about nineteen.

My younger daughter informed me these shoes are 'in'.

I love it when I'm accidently cool. 

When I brought my shoes home I found this at the top of the box.

 Blog Stuff 005



I became cool, in, and a superstar all with one purchase.

Who knew?


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Black Boots

'What's in the
box?' my husband asked me the other day as I signed for a delivery from the UPS cutie guy.

'My new boots,' I told him.

Later on as I was trying on the new boots he came and admired

He then asked the inevitable.

'How many pairs of black boots do you need?'

He has a point. I don't really collect a lot of things, I actually
try and keep things around here clutter-free, but I do seem to have a fairly
extensive collection of black boots.

I think it's inevitable. I live in Canada, we need boots to keep
our feet warm and with the changes in fashion I tend to buy a new pair of
boots every few years. Also, black just works with everything.


I have a pair of ugly but really REALLY warm black boots that I
wear to walk the dog.

I have high length flat-heeled black boots that I wear with jeans.

I have high-heeled high length black boots to wear with skirts.

I have high-heeled low cut boots to wear with dress pants.

I have last year’s high-heeled high length boots that are kinda scruffy
so they don't look good enough to wear when I get dressed up but they still
look too good to give away.

I have the flat-heeled low boots that I thought were comfortable enough
to wear with casual clothing when I bought them but, they're not really that comfortable, so I don't wear them
a lot now.

I have the black boots that I bought with the lovely red heels
that are super cute but they don't go with much of what I own so they only get
worn when I wear my red sweater and I remember to pull them on.

And then finally, I have a black pair of Uggs that I bought
because everyone else around me had Uggs so I thought I should too. But
now, I don't wear them that much because I really don't want to wear the same
boots as everyone else. 

Which makes it um, eight. I own eight pairs of black boots. And, I
guess if you're counting, with the new pair I now have um, nine.


It's a lot but I figure as long as I'm in the single digits I'm
still good.