I’m Tired Mama.

Actually I’m just one of probably a million ‘tired mamas’ in the world, but since I snapped up TiredMama.com, I’m going with the idea that it’s just me – at least for the sake of my blog.

Most of the world calls me Leanne. I’m a mother of three who has moved a few times, spending seven years living in the USA, and then spending two years in the UK. I’ve now convinced my husband to put down roots in southern Ontario, Canada.

We are thrilled to be home. Well, I am at least, I’m not sure how the rest of the family honestly feels but I’m happy and that’s a good thing.

My children are now 15, 18 and 20 years old and I’ve been blogging about being a tired mama to them for about 18 years. Yep, I was blogging long before blogging was a uh, thing.

I love my kids and their father very much, sometimes they just all drive me a little bit crazy which I guess is normal.


Want to know more? Contact me at Leanne(at)TiredMama(dot)com and we’ll talk.

Thanks for dropping by!

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