Letting our girls go…

moana-with-mother.jpgMy daughters and I went to see the movie, Moana yesterday.

I liked the movie as it stars a strong young female protagonist who saves her family and village from destruction.

As a mother of two daughters, I have to appreciate a girl who has the strength and gumption to do that.

But, not only was the character Moana impressive, so was her mother, Sina.

Yep, finally in a Disney princess story, the mother wasn’t killed off in the first few scenes. And, Sina not only lived but she also seemed to be influential in her daughter’s growth. It was a nice change for a Disney princess film.

Even more interesting however was that in the movie, when Sina came upon her daughter packing up her stuff to go out and save the village, Sina helped her kid pack up her stuff.

Yep, the father in the movie kept telling Moana to stay home where it was safe. Her mama however, when she found her daughter preparing to sneak out, threw some fruit in a bag, hugged her only child goodbye and sent the kid out into the world alone to slay some pretty nasty monsters.

There was no helicopter parenting going on here, I tell ya.

And, as a mother who is about to send her second daughter out into the world to slay uh, whatever it is out there, I can tell you it’s not easy for a Mom to just throw a bunch of fruit in a bag and shove her kid out the door to face life’s monsters alone.

So, well done, Sina and well done, Disney.

Now, I only hope I can do as well when it’s my turn to let my youngest daughter leave home too.

I wonder what kind of fruit I should send with her.

She hates bananas…



One thought on “Letting our girls go…

  1. Ugh, such a tough one – my own mom was so great at letting me go, I can only hope to do the same for my own kids (but it seems unlikely!).

    So glad to hear that Moana was good. It’s on our list to take the kids to this week.


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