I can’t win…

Last night my beloved husband called as he was driving home from work and asked me if there was anything we needed from the grocery store.

He’s a good man like that.

“Milk and bananas,” I replied.

“Right!” he said cheerfully. “I’ll get them. See you in fifteen minutes.”

So, he shopped while I finished putting together dinner and a short time later my man arrived at our home whistling happily.

He then put the milk, bananas and six boxes of these, on the kitchen table.



Six boxes. Forty-eight packages.

One of my kids refers to these as my crack.

My youngest calls them, my cancer bars, because of the colour.

Yes, these are my nemesis.

In the grand scheme of things, they aren’t a terrible bad habit. They’re not alcohol, candy, smoking or coffee.

But, they do have a ton of sodium and fat in them, so I had eaten up what I had in the house and stopped buying them.

I’d given them up.

And now, on the third day of the healthy eating pact that I’d made with a group of friends, they are back in my house.

Taunting me.

And yes, my husband DID know about my plans to eat better.

He just didn’t think it meant that I was giving these up too.


I guess I’m not.



One thought on “I can’t win…

  1. Ugh, so true that you can’t have stuff like this in the house if you want to avoid it. I had to bring snack for a writing group I’m in last week and that meant there was half a box of leftover chocolates in the house and …now there are none. Willpower is a very, very weak thing around here!


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