I am a tired mama…


I’ve fallen behind this week.

I’m behind with work.

I’m behind doing housework.

I’m behind doing laundry. (Okay, I’m always behind doing that, so that’s nothing new.)

And I’m behind in getting groceries. Yep, we ate out again tonight.

One thing I’m not behind in, however, is exercising.

I went on a walk with two good friends today. We did 10,000 steps in an hour and a half. We did stairs and hills and everything. It was EXHAUSTING.

I also did a Pilates class today, half of which was on a reformer. It was also EXHAUSTING.

I seem to be spending a lot of time these days exercising with friends.

This is a new habit for me, and I have to say, I’m enjoying it.

But, it also means I’m falling behind on doing the other things I should be doing. Like the aforementioned laundry, house cleaning, grocery shopping and work things.

You know what else I’ve fallen behind in?


Did I mention all this exercising is exhausting?


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