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A better me? Really?

better-health-aheadSomething very strange is happening in my life.

I’m eating healthier and exercising regularly. What happened and what changed?

I suppose it’s partly due to my kids getting older so I now have more free time to look after myself.

But do you want to know what the main reason is?


Yep, all my friends seem to be getting on the ‘be healthier’ bandwagon and they’ve somehow managed to drag my pudgy butt along with them.


This week I’ve been taking a clean eating course.

I was shocked to discover that my usual diet of chips, donuts and cookies are not on it.

Next week, I’m leaving my husband and kids behind and I’m heading off on a fitness and spa retreat.

I have no idea how I got talked into this.

Oh, right.

Yes, I do.


This place that I’m going on vacation is all about exercise and healthy eating.

They only serve vegetarian food.

They don’t serve dessert.

I will be expected to attend multiple exercise classes a day.

As I am packing my stuff tonight, I am wondering what the hell I was drinking thinking when I agreed to this.


There are twelve other women going on this journey with me.

They have all told me MULTIPLE times that I’m going to have fun.

I don’t think I believe them.

Anyone know how many packages of Oreo’s, bottles of wine and hamburgers I can smuggle through the airport before they stop me at security?



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