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Ironing? What’s that?

ironMy youngest daughter has to wear oxford style uniform shirts to school.

Up until this year I’ve bought her wrinkle free shirts that don’t require a lot of care, they haven’t always looked perfect right out of the dryer, but they’ve always looked um, okayish.

(For the record if there ever was an important occasion at school I would iron one of the wrinkle free shirts for her – I do have some standards. Low ones.)

This year, however, my youngest daughter decided she wanted to buy a big brand name oxford shirt that is not wrinkle free to use for her school shirts.

These particular cotton shirts come out of the dryer looking like crap.

I told her that if I was buying these shirts for her, she had to iron them.

She did – for the first three days of school.

Today, her shirt is a wrinkled mess.

But, she’s a teenager so, she doesn’t care.

And me?

I guess I’m about to learn not to care either.


Better things to worry about than this, right?



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