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Family Game Night

stuffed-fridgeThere are two new games being played at my house this week.

One, of course, is Pokémon Go.

The other is a game I call, Fridge-Tetris.

I like Pokémon Go. I’m having fun playing it.

I’m not so thrilled with Fridge-Tetris.

Fridge Tetris, is a game where Mom leaves the house for a few weeks to stay at the cottage and, while she’s gone, her young adult children AND husband fill every square inch of the fridge with half empty take-out containers, aluminum foil-wrapped leftovers and unidentifiable vegetables and raw meat.

The game then gets really interesting as everyone ignores the stuffed contents of the fridge for an extended period of time.

Yes, this game has a lovely smell to it too.

I guess I must have won the game, because when I returned home this past Sunday night, I got the prize of filling up several garbage bags with my refrigerator’s entire contents and THEN I got to drive the bags to the dump, Monday morning.

Lucky me!

As an added bonus I got to scrub the fridge out and restock it with fresh food too.

It was a fun game.


And yes, those responsible the other players are still alive.


Thanks, family.




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