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I’m going shopping…

shopping-listI’ve been very blessed this year as I’ve been able to spend the first part of my summer up north. It’s lovely here but while I’d love to say I’ve been sitting on the dock enjoying the sunshine and napping every day, in reality, I’ve been cleaning, scrubbing, painting and uh, organizing our cottage.

Today, I’m planning on making a trip into town to get some of the things we need to finish setting up for the season.

It’s about a forty-five-minute drive to ‘the big’ town, so I don’t go all that often, I tend to try and get what I need at the smaller village close by me instead.

But the village doesn’t have everything we need so, today I’m going to make the trip to our bigger-small town.

And, being the planner that I am, I have a list.

It’s a bit of a perplexing list however as the things on my list don’t go together in a way that will let me use my time efficiently today.

For example, my husband wants me to pick up two beer kegs, which means a stop at the brewery. That’s a one stop thing, I can’t get anything else I need on my list from the local brewery.

I also need some spices and food which aren’t available at my local village store, you know weird stuff like uh, cinnamon. This means I have to stop at the bigger grocery store in town.

I also need to pick up a new bathroom blind and our outdoor fan seems to have gotten attacked by uh, something this winter and those two things will require two different stops to replace them. My list also includes picking up a can of paint for the laundry room wall which has turned a strange moldy colour and I need to pick up a pencil sharpener and an ink cartridge for our printer too.

And the list goes on and on from there. I won’t bore you with more of it.

But basically, I figure that this afternoon I need to make at least nine different stops to pick up everything that is on my list.


But, you know what is saving me from having to make twenty different stops today?


Yep, there’s a Walmart in town and they carry just about everything.

Thank God for Walmart.

And that’s something I NEVER thought I’d say.

I usually only thank God for bigger and more important things.

But sometimes a gal just has to get stuff done…

So, today I’ll say it, Thank God for Walmart.

And feel pathetic for doing so.



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