Take Me Out to the Ball Game

cracker-jackI went to watch the Toronto Blue Jays play the Philadelphia Phillies today.

This in itself is not a big deal, I attend quite a few MLB games during the season.

But today I discovered that my home stadium no longer sells Cracker Jack.

Yes, I’m bummed about this.

I buy a bag of Cracker Jack EVERY TIME I go to a game. I even keep the lame prizes. I have a box full of them.

But, apparently, I was the only one, because I couldn’t find a bag of Cracker Jack anywhere at today’s game and was told by numerous people that they no longer sell it.

But can they really do this?

They play, Take Me Out to the Ball Game at every Toronto baseball game and buying Cracker Jack is part of the song – ‘buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jacker, I don’t care if I never get back…’

If it’s part of the seventh inning stretch song they just can’t stop selling it, can they?

In my opinion, they need to sell four food items at all MLB ballgames – hot dogs, beer, Cracker Jack and peanuts. They can get rid of all the other crap they sell.

Cracker Jack belongs at MLB games.

I need to start a petition or a strike or something in protest.

I do.

And yes, the first world problems over here just keep on multiplying.

But I DID really miss my Cracker Jack at the game…



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