I like things tidy. I do…

pulling-out-hairMy three almost grown children are all living at home this summer.

And you know what?

They are slobs.

They don’t pick up their stuff, they don’t wipe counters and they have no idea how to put their dishes in the dishwasher.

Their bedroom floors are covered in clothes and I’m not even going to talk about the state of their bathrooms.

The kitchen cupboards are overflowing with the empty boxes my children are too lazy to throw out and the back hall can’t be maneuvered because of the amount of crap they’ve just dumped there.

I hate it.

I hate the mess.

I am also tired of nagging them to pick up after themselves.

When I come home I want to turn around and leave again when I see the state of my house.

Today I went on-line and looked at properties for sale and I found a lovely three bedroom heritage home listed in the small downtown area of my town. I then spent a blissful thirty minutes daydreaming about what it would be like to live there ALONE.

It would be tidy.

It would be clean and it would stay clean.

There would be no one in the kitchen at 2 am making sandwiches.

There would be no one leaving wet towels on the floor.

I even went as far to text two of my girlfriends to tell them about my fantasy.

They immediately texted me back to ask if they could rent a room from me.


Well, at least I’m not alone…




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