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Ice cream with a side salad? Perfect.

ice-creamI wasted ten minutes of my life today, standing in a drugstore aisle, trying to decide if I have aging or mature skin.Lately, the face soap I’ve been using in the shower is leaving my face feeling dry, so I decided I needed a cleanser with a moisturizer in it.

They market two different types of moisturizing skin cleansers in my town – one for aging skin and one for mature skin.

What they don’t tell you is how to determine which type of skin you have.

I must admit I feel mature when I look at my two beautiful daughters with their line free faces and firm belief that ice cream is a perfectly acceptable main (and only) course for dinner. I feel I’m slightly more mature than they are, as I would add a side salad to an ice cream meal as well.

But, I also KNOW that I’m aging.

Especially on days like yesterday when the article I wrote at 9 am (which had everyone raving about how perfect it was) was so rewritten by the client, that by 3 pm, I didn’t even recognize it as my work.

And that, my friends, is aging. I aged about ten years in one day with that mess.

So, yep, I think I’m both mature and aging.

But, both didn’t come in the same cleanser bottle, so in the end?

I picked the cleanser for aging skin.

Because who needs greens with their meal every night anyway, right?

Bring on the ice cream.

And the wine.

Neither my skin nor I are ready to be considered mature quite yet.


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