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I have a revolving door…

revolving-doorMy BFF sent me a card that said, Welcome to the revolving door years.

First of all, who knew such a card existed?

Secondly, at the time, I had no idea what she was talking about.

And then I set the dinner table for five, and I got it.

Yes, we are a family of five at my house again.

All of my chicks are back in the nest as my two young adult children are living here again so they can work for the next four months and save money for school.

And it’s wonderful.

But there is also some adjusting to be done.

My older kids are relearning that they have to tell me when they are leaving the house. Yep, you can’t just walk out my door. I don’t necessarily need to know what you’re doing, but I DO need to know that you’re not here. If there’s a fire, I want to be 100% sure who I have to save.

My youngest is adjusting to sharing a bathroom again.

I’m adjusting to cooking for more people, doing more laundry and trying to come to terms with the fact that there are big, noisy people banging around in my kitchen at 1 am making Kraft Dinner.

But, all that aside, I love having my children home again. I’ve missed them.

And I know I have to cherish these days because in four short months my older two will leave me once again to return to their own apartments and studies.

And I will miss them again.

A lot.

Yep, this fall I will be setting the dinner table for only three again.

But I also know that eight months after THAT,  everyone will be back here living together again.

Everyone is coming and going.

So, this time, next year?

I’ll be the one sending out the card, welcoming my other BFF to her revolving door years.

Here’s hoping she clues in faster to what it’s all about then I did.


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