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Garage Woes

raccon-in-recycling-binMy garage door openers are broken.

When you punch in the code to open one door, both garage doors open. If one door happens to be open when you punch in the code, the open door closes, and the closed door opens.

And yes, I’m sure I did look pretty stupid today with both my garage doors going up and down as I stood beside them punching in codes trying to figure out how to fix them.

And, just now, as I went to lock up the house for the night, I discovered that one of the garage doors was open again, and I don’t think anyone has punched in any codes.


So, I’ve now disconnected the openers.

Because this is getting way too complicated for my tired brain.

The other side effect of my garage doors being open is that the neighbourhood raccoons seem to see this as an open invitation to rummage through my recycling bins for uh, pizza crusts and rotten tomatoes.

And although I don’t mind these guys having a bedtime snack, I DO mind the mess they leave behind.

Which is huge.

And really, really yucky to clean up.

And I also mind the heart attack the dog just gave me as she growled and barked at the back door trying to warn me about these unwelcome visitors being in the garage.

And finally, I mind the fact that I KNOW I’m going to wake up at 3 am tomorrow morning and not be able to go back to sleep until I come downstairs and check to make sure the garage doors are still closed.

Because I tend to do these things.

So, yeah.

My garage door openers are broken.

And it’s just about ruined my entire night.

Pathetic, aren’t I?



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