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Please turn off my power again today.

They are installing new hydro poles on my street this week.

Today they came to the door and asked if it was okay if they turned off the power for a few hours.

“Sure,” I replied, “I’m working on my laptop, but I should have an hour of battery life at least. No problem at all.”

It was an automatic response. I like to be accommodating and reasonable when possible.

Except I forgot, I was editing.

I like to edit on paper.

And, no power meant that my printer didn't work.

And no power also meant that I had no working router, which meant I had no internet, which meant I didn't have access to the cloud where I store my documents.

No power also meant no laundry got done, no dishwashers were run, and no vacuuming happened  at my house today.


The good news?

I had several books that were being neglected beside my bed.

And reading, during daylight hours, requires no power.

So, guess what I did?

Yep, I’m on page 52.*

I wonder if they'll need to work on the hydro poles on my street again tomorrow?

I hope so.



*The Illegal by, Lawrence Hill – because someone is going to e-mail me to ask. 🙂

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