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She did it!

ArtMy oldest daughter just found out yesterday that she's been accepted into a studio/thesis course at her University for next year.

To get accepted into this course required a lot of hard work, great grades, challenging prerequisite courses and the creation of a portfolio showing talent and dedication to her art.

I always knew, deep down in my heart, that she would get into this program as she was working really, really hard.

Still, it was wonderful to get the text from her yesterday that read – I got in.

My eldest is all grown up now. She's a young woman who has her own apartment, makes her own meals, pays her own bills, buys her own clothes and fends for herself. 

I know the world sees her as a capable and talented young adult.

I see her that way too.

But, every once in a while, especially when we're talking about her art, I still see the little girl I was constantly buying new crayons and reams of paper for not too long ago.

Because, when my daughter was young, nothing made her happier than those two things.

So, eldest daughter?

I'm very proud of you.

But next year, if your program ever gets overwhelming, come home for a break.

I'll make sure there's a new box of crayons and lots of paper waiting for you on your desk when you get here.


I love you,

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