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Flying Away…

Empty NestMy youngest daughter has been away from home for the past two weeks.

She was away on a music trip for five days and then came home for twenty-four hours before leaving on a six-day school camping trip.

I miss her.

Yes, I miss her smile and her chatter and her sunshiny personality, but I also realized something else since she's been away.

I'm getting close to my empty nest years, and I'm not going to like them.

My eldest daughter came home from University for a few days while my youngest has been away and we made plans to go into the city to visit the art gallery and then have dinner together. For a minute as we talked about our plans, I found myself thinking about what I would have to do to make sure my youngest got dinner and to her dance class while I was out and then I realized – she's not here.  


It didn't matter what I did.

The realization was freeing.

It was also awful.

I have two more years before my youngest goes off to University, and I am trying to make sure I have a full life of my own, so I'm not uh, lost when she, the last of my chicks, leaves my nest.

But honestly, I think I've discovered, over the past two weeks, that no matter how busy I plan on being when all my children have moved out, I'm still going to be lost.

And, sad.

Really, REALLY, sad.



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