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She’ll learn…

SuitcaseMy daughter is leaving on a high school music trip today. 

She didn't want my help in packing or getting organized over the last few days; she told me she was old enough to do it without my help.

And, she's right, she is.

A few days ago I noticed she had started to make piles of the things she wanted to take in her room. When I asked my daughter if she had tried on the things she was planning on taking to make sure they fit, she assured me she had. She then reminded me that she was old enough to do this on her own.

Last night she finished up her packing and before I could even ask if she wanted me to take a look through her suitcase to see if she'd forgotten anything, she reminded me AGAIN that I didn't need to check up on her because she was old enough to do this without my help.

This morning she carried her things downstairs and then sat in the passenger seat of my car texting on her phone while she waited for me to drive her to school.

So, on MY way out to the car, I grabbed her airline ticket off her dresser and gave it to her to put in her backpack.

And I didn't mind because although she's old enough to do all this stuff by herself?

It's still nice to be needed.

But, I still have no idea what's in her suitcase.

I just hope she has some clean underwear.



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