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I’m kicking them all out – with the garbage.

GarbageI have a question.

When my kitchen garbage can is filled to the very top, why do my children insist on balancing one more piece of garbage on this overflowing heap?

We have an entrance to our garage from inside the house, there are THREE large garbage cans there, right at the entrance, you can just toss a bag of garbage into the bins from the doorway.

It's convenient.

It's easy. 

But, nope.

Instead of taking the kitchen garbage out to the garage, my family chooses to balance their waste on the already overflowing heap in the kitchen.

These kids are enrolled in challenging University programs; they can read music, drive cars, cook meals, sing on stage and do numerous other amazing things.

I was starting to think I had failed them as a mother, but then I realized my husband does the EXACT same thing. I can't remember the last time I saw him empty the kitchen garbage can.

And when I asked my friends about it, I learned their young adult children pile up the garbage in their kitchen too.

So, why can't my family take the kitchen garbage out to the garage when it's full? 


I'll tell you why.

Because they ALL know that if it's left piled up long enough and gets messy enough, I will do it.

That's WHY.



2 thoughts on “I’m kicking them all out – with the garbage.

  1. Word. The other day my husband asked me why I don’t yell at the kids to do more around here, and I said, they should NOTICE and KNOW they are to do the BARE MINIMUM to be a civilized human being. But apparently NOT.


  2. My husband does this. Garbage can be falling on the floor because the can is overflowing with trash. That’s still not reason enough for him to take it out. *sigh*


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