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I’m making bread today…

This is Sadie.

Christmas 2014 020

Sadie is twelve pounds of cuteness and fun. She loves people. All people. She is sociable to the point of it almost being a fault. In her opinion, every person on this planet has been put here to pet her and tell her how cute she is. Walking Sadie can take a VERY long time.

This is Sadie today.


Sadie is hiding.

Sadie is terrified today because a bread-making machine came into the house over the holidays.

Yep, I bought a new bread maker.

Woo hoo! 😉

But, this new bread maker thumps quite loudly while it stirs and whirs and Sadie is terrified of it. 

She's so scared in fact that I've actually locked her in my office with me now so she can't hear it.

Making bread in this bread maker takes about three and a half hours.

So, guess who is going to be really productive this afternoon because she can't leave her office?

Yeah, me.

Thanks, Sadie.

I think.


One thought on “I’m making bread today…

  1. I used to set the timer and have the breadmaker run during the night. We would wake to the smell of fresh-baked bread in the morning, which was great until I got pregnant again. Who knew that fresh-baked bread could smell so nauseating?


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