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I’m beautiful, just the frumpy way I am…

LipstickYesterday, I got an e-mail from Twitter informing me that six, (yes six!) BEAUTY bloggers are now following me.

Um, ladies? I have one question for you.


I mean I do wear lipstick and I brush my hair.

I wear jeans and, on a good day, I wear a clean shirt with them.

I am not however into makeup and fashion stuff.

Still, I was curious so I went on these beauty blogger's websites and I checked out what they wrote about. 

These bloggers are articulate, YOUNG and uh, beautiful but they also talk in a language I don't understand.

I mean, contouring? What does that have to do with my face?

The last time I heard anything about contouring I was in a tenth grade geography class looking at maps.

Sorry, but my face just isn't the contouring type.

I also don't own a white eyeliner and on these sites that looks like it might be considered a sin. 

Honestly, my biggest fear is that these lovely beauty bloggers have started following me with the intention of staging some sort of an intervention with me.

Now, realistically I may need some help but, really?

It's never going to happen.

I am not going to become beauty savvy. I have no interest.

I'm happy just the way I am.

My frumpiness and I are on good terms.

I actually even sorta EMBRACE my frumpiness.

I AM frumpy-tired mama.


Hear me roar.


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