Trying to simplify…

According to experts, one of the things I need to do to get more time to write is to get organized and simplify my life. 

Now, I've tried to be organized for years and that hasn't seemed to free up much extra time for me.

So for 2016, I'm now going to try to simplify my life.

Good, right?

Yeah, I'm not sure about this either, but I am going to give it a try.

For example, I started a to-do list earlier this evening.

It had two headings, daily and weekly.

Under the first heading, I jotted down all the things I want to do daily this year, it included things like exercising, writing and working on the course I'm taking.

I then started another list of all the things it would be nice to get done weekly.

When that list got beyond twenty things I changed the heading from Weekly to - Whenever Possible. 

That should help, right?

It's organized and simpler.

And yes, I realize this list shows my life is in dire need of uh, simplifying.

Now I just have to figure out how…



One thought on “Trying to simplify…

  1. I used to keep an ongoing list of “stuff to do around the house” and I finally admitted a few months ago that most of it just isn’t ever going to get done, so I filed it away. Couldn’t quite bring myself to throw it out, but at least I don’t have the list nagging me to fix that one broken baseboard or figure out why the toilet jiggles anymore. Simple!


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