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Big boys and Christmas…

Christmas SocksChristmas is getting close and so all my family members have been busy trying to figure out what to get each other for the big day.

The problem is we are all so spoiled that we need nothing which makes gift shopping and giving difficult.

My two boys are especially impossible to shop for.

My husband has told me that all he wants for Christmas is sleep.

But, that's a tough one to wrap.

And, my son tells me he only wants money.

Again, not helpful. I don't give my children gift cards or money at Christmas. To me, these things don't seem uh, thoughtful – it feels like I don't even care enough to put in any effort when I give them those.

My two daughters, on the other hand, are easy to Christmas shop for.

All my oldest wants is a new laptop. That's doable, especially when I can combine it to be part of her January birthday gift.

My youngest gave me a list three months ago – Sephora and Urban Outfitters will all appear on my credit card statement this month thanks to that helpful missive.

So, I spent this morning trolling the malls looking for gifts for my guys.

And how did I do?

I came home with socks.

So, maybe that's all they'll get.

Because I'm done.

Shopped out.

Frustrated and finished.


Merry Christmas, boys.

Socks are the new coal.



One thought on “Big boys and Christmas…

  1. Ugh, I know, I hate to stereotype but shopping for boys/men is so hard. We’re also at the point where we don’t need anything, but our kids are young enough that the gift giving is a big thing. At Christmas and birthdays I’m always looking for three small things for my kids to give my husband. Socks make a frequent appearance :).
    It’s probably too late for this year but for your sons for the future you can consider two funky t-shirt sites – redbubble and teepublic. They both sell geeky mash-up shirts that feature custom artwork created by people who submit to the site. You can find everything from Star Wars to Dr. Who to Avatar to Big Bang Theory themed stuff and it’s fun and not too expensive.


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