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Memories of Christmas…

I went Christmas shopping for my kids today at Toys R Us and came out with – nothing.

Which honestly, is making me sort of sad tonight.

I remember, only a few short years ago, when all my Christmas shopping for my children could be done there.

Legos, Polly Pockets, Hot Wheel Sets and Barbies once filled my children's wish lists and my shopping cart.

Now, the stuff on their lists is much more expensive and honestly, boring too.

My son has just signed a lease for his first apartment. He told me I could buy him cutlery for Christmas.

My youngest daughter's list is full of clothes and things from Sephora.


I miss shopping at Toys R Us at Christmas.

I miss my kids being little and believing in Santa and being excited about decorating a tree and making cookies with me…

I blinked and - my babies grew up.

Today that makes me sad.

So, kids?

I love you guys just as you are.

But, are you sure you don't want any toys for Christmas this year? 

Maybe just one?

I hear Shopkins are cute….

Just think about it, okay?



2 thoughts on “Memories of Christmas…

  1. SO TRUE on this. I remember when the Toys R Us flyer would arrive in November, it was huge news – both for the kids to pour over, and for me to do most of my shopping. Now it just gets tossed in the bin, and my kids aren’t even that old – they are just moving past the toy phase. It makes me so sad!


  2. Thanks for the reminder to appreciate the Toys ‘R Us years while they are here. I have two young girls who have scoured flyers (courtesy of their homecare provider who also delivers ad packs) and have provided me/Santa an itemized list that can be (mostly) met there. I’m off (gulp) tomorrow after work. My husband even volunteered for Sparks pick-up so I could “focus” on this. I figure it’ll be busy, but done. Right?
    That said, I know the young years are fleeting and, while tiring, pretty awesome. Thanks for the Xmas view from the other side!


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