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Close your eyes…

StressIt's that time of the year.

Tomorrow is December 1st, and I haven't really done a lot to get ready for the holidays yet. I need to get started on all the decorating, baking, shopping and wrapping. 

I really do.

There is also a lot of things that need doing inside my house today too, mundane things like taking out the garbage, doing laundry and cleaning out the fridge.

And then there's the five books I need to read for the course I'm starting in the new year, and I have some writing/work and editing I'd like to get done today too.

Honestly, I am feeling a little overwhelmed. 

As I was driving my daughter to school this morning I was grumbling about how it wasn't all going to get done without me going crazy.

'Everywhere I look there is something that needs doing,' I muttered to her.

She studied me for a minute and then replied.

'So, just close your eyes,' she said.

Thanks, hon.

That'll help.



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