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Shoes and Boot PilesAll my children were home this past weekend and it was lovely to have them all together again.

With everyone here we had a lot of shoes and boots lying around. For some reason, all of my children have multiple pairs of shoes that they ALL leave in the middle of the entrance to the house when they come home.

Of course, we DO have a mudroom where these boots and shoes COULD be placed so they were out of the way. We also have a front hall closet with space to store footwear.

But no one in my family EVER puts their shoes away so, I spent the whole weekend falling over shoes every time I came in the door.

This is not a new thing. A few years ago when my kids were younger I was ALWAYS asking them to move their shoes out of the middle of the doorway. But, no one ever did and so one day I finally got fed up and threw all the offending footwear out the door onto the front lawn.

Yep, it was fun.

Kinda freeing too.

Unfortunately, it didn't change anything. My family just picked up all their shoes, put them back into the middle of the hallway and then mumbled to each other that Mom was crazy.

Which might be true.

But still…

I may miss my kids when they're not here.

But I don't miss tripping over all their shoes and boots.

Not one little bit.



One thought on “Shoes

  1. So true! I have actually taken to just literally walking on top of the shoe pile when I come in and out. I’m kind of worried I’ll twist an ankle but at the same time, it feels satisfying to be making a point (that no one cares about anyway). At least there’s the comfort of knowing that everyone else’s entryway looks just like yours!


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