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Merry Remembrance Day…

Lest we forgetI don't like it that the malls decorate for Christmas before Remembrance Day.

I mean, I get it, I know they need to make money at this time of the year to survive. But it seems like it's too early and getting things started November 1st just makes the holiday season drag on too long.

But, as I was packing away all the Halloween and fall decorations that were littering my house this past weekend, I started thinking about Christmas.

And then, I started worrying about how everything was going to get done, which led me to conclude that I should probably get started on uh, Christmas.

Because, let’s face it, no matter how much I try and simplify it, Christmas is a ton of work. And if I leave it until the week before then I get stressed and the holidays are no fun for anyone at my house.

So, I'm going to start thinking and planning for Christmas this weekend. It's AFTER Remembrance Day but it's still probably a little too early…

Which means I'm going to join those people I was just scorning last week at the mall who were humming Christmas carols.

Yes, I’ve gone over to the Christmas dark side.




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