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I tried…

DSC_0079The left-over Halloween candy in my house sits in a bowl in the middle of my kitchen island. 

Five days ago I plopped an apple into the middle of this mountain of sweetness.

Today I noticed that the candy is slowly disappearing as my family eats up these addictive calorie-laden sweet little treats.

The apple however is still there.


Well, I tried.

Good mama, right?


Just say, yes.



2 thoughts on “I tried…

  1. First of all, adding the apple was AWESOME, totally kick-ass mom moment.
    Second, did you notice that instead of typing “Well, I tried” in the post, you typed, “Well, I tired”?
    Most perfect Freudian slip ever!


  2. Lol! I did not! I just changed it. But I almost left it alone because it was well, perfect for the way I’m feeling today. Thank-you for the catch and the smile…. 🙂


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