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I know nothing…

PoroI now have a Poro on my desk.

Yep, he’s cute, round, has a big smile and is kinda bluey green in colour.

My oldest daughter gave him to me yesterday.

I know he is from the video game, League of Legends, and she tells me that when you start the game a player can feed these little creatures cookies and that makes them happy.

So, the Poro and I have things in common.

I like cookies too and learning about new things, like Poros.

Over the past twenty-one years as my children have grown up I’m amazed at the things I’ve learned from them.

I've learned weird and useful things like new dance terms, sports terms, cartoon/video character names, slang and curses – all sorts of interesting things.

I’ve also learned that some of the things I think I knew about, I don’t.

Words I used to know the meaning of?

I’m wrong, they've changed.

Still, time changes things and I’m okay with that.

At least I’m trying to be.

Change keeps things interesting, right?

But honestly, it's also exhausting at times trying to keep up.

Sometimes really exhausting.

But at least I now have a Poro on my desk to eat cookies with me while I try…Signature

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