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Out with the old…

GarageI'm cleaning out my garage.

I am trying to get rid of the excess stuff in it as there's a car sitting in my driveway that I'd like to put into the garage for the winter.

But you know what?

Sometimes letting go of old stuff is hard.

Yesterday I packed up a lot of my children's old outdoor toys and donated them to a local charity. My kids don't use these scooters and outdoor sports toys anymore but it was still hard to let them go. The memories associated with these toys are sweet and I couldn't help but remember the days when my children were small and sweet too.

But today when I was in the garage cleaning up more stuff I could hear the family next door outside in their yard and I couldn't help but hear their mother playing and laughing with her two young children. 

And as I cleaned my garage I could hear the moments when the kids next door were fighting and their Mom had to be a referee.

And I also heard when the kids were bickering and she had to plead with them to play nicely.

And I ALSO heard when the kids were just being kids and she had to discipline them.

And all this reminded me that little kids can be uh, demanding.

And messy.

And unreasonable.

And loud. 

And just really, really HARD at times.

And hearing all this made me feel a little sorry for the Mom next door.

But it also made it a lot easier to pack up and get rid of all the children's stuff in my garage too.


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