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Love is…


Today started off as a day where I probably just should have stayed in bed.

Today was one of THOSE days.

You know them –

it was a day where the hot water heater was broken so I couldn't shower.

A day where a raccoon somehow got into the garage and threw all the garbage around.

A day where the cat had thrown up beside my bed during the night and, of course, I stepped right in it when I was getting up.

Yep, today started out as one of THOSE days.

But, it was okay because while I wanted to scream, my daughter and my husband laughed.

And then they helped me clean up the garbage and they helped me figure out who to call to repair the hot water heater and one of them even handed me a wet towel to clean up the carpet and my foot. 

And, it was because of all THESE things that –  

it suddenly didn't seem like one of THOSE days after all.

And that's a good thing.

A very good thing.

Thanks, guys.

I'm blessed to be so loved.


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