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I just want a cup of green tea…

Tim Hortons MugI like green tea.

Tim Horton’s makes a really good cup of green tea so I usually stop and buy a cup every morning after I drop off my daughter at school.

It’s hard to get green tea at the Timmy’s drive-thru in my town though. It shouldn’t be, but it is.

First of all the sleepy teenagers who work there, who should probably be in school or still in bed at 8 am, usually try and pour me a coffee. At least once a week I hand back my cup and remind them I asked for (and paid for) tea not coffee.

Secondly, I like my tea black – as in nothing added to it. So, I order a green tea black. Having two colours in an order seems to mess up Tim Horton’s employees of all ages in the morning.

And now, just when I thought it couldn’t get any harder, last Saturday I bought a refillable cup for my tea. It saves me 10 cents on every tea purchase so my cup will pay for itself in about four months. (If I’m working hard I sometimes get tea twice a day) and it also seems like the environmentally right thing to do.

Except now the poor people at the drive-thru are even more confused.

What I want to order is – a large green tea refill black. I get how that can be confusing. So, I’ve tried every order combination to try and be clearer.

I’ve tried,

I’d like a large green tea in my reusable cup – black, please.

I got a disposable cup of black tea.

So, I tried,

I’d like a green tea in my large refillable cup served black, please.

I got black tea in my refillable cup.

So, I tried,

I need a large green tea refill with nothing in it, please.

I got a cup of hot water and all my money back.

Nothing I say seems to help make my order clearer. All this week after I tried to order my tea I got asked at least three questions to clarify the order. A few times I’ve been transferred to someone else who then asks me the same three questions.

Today, I tried being lengthy when I ordered my tea.

‘Hi, I have a Tim Horton’s refillable cup that I would like to have filled with green tea. I would just like tea in it and nothing else. What I mean is I would like my tea served black.’

I was transferred to someone else where I repeated all this and then was told,

‘I’m sorry, madam; we don’t serve tea that way here….’


I have no idea what to do now, my husband suggested I start going inside to get my tea. Since I’m usually still in my PJ’s when I drop off my daughter (one of the benefits of working from home) I’m not thrilled with that suggestion so I will keep trying.

So, to all those people in the long drive-thru lineup behind me, who all have simple orders and just want their darn coffee so they can get on their way,

AND to all the Time Horton’s employees who probably now want to hide when they hear my voice on the order speaker, all I can say is,

I’m sorry.

Because I need my tea so I’m going to keep trying.

Please don’t throw Timbits at my car.



One thought on “I just want a cup of green tea…

  1. I like a green tea in the morning, too! The idea of pulling up at a Tim’s drive through in my jammies to get a tea fix is VERY appealing. I will have to try it.
    And sorry to hear about the ordering issues, although it’s kind of funny :). We used to have this problem ordering coffee at McDonald’s – my husband likes one cream, one sugar, which at Tim’s is called a “regular,” but when you order a “coffee, regular” at McD’s it’s anyone’s guess at what you’ll get in it. So now I’ve taken to just ordering coffee, and waiting for them to ASK me what I want in it. The two step process takes longer but maybe it will work for you? Good luck!


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