Well, just in case you don't live in my part of the world I'll let you know – they won. 

My team, my Toronto Blue Jays, are moving on in the playoffs.

The throwing of beer cans in the stands after a controversial call last night? 

Well, that was unnecessary but people were more than a little annoyed so I forgive my fellow fans today.

Actually, I might even be secretly glad that they threw them as Canada is usually portrayed as doormats on national television – but we sure as heck weren't polite or doormats last night. People were upset here and they showed it. Good for them. No one was hurt, nothing was damaged. It was pretty civil in the end.

But that 3-run home run that was hit by Jose Bautista to win the game?


And that bat flip?

Yeah, this one…

So, so, so, soooo beyond awesome.

The best 'go-to-hell-we're-not-taking-this' answer to a controversial call in the world.

So good. And you know what?

I need a bat flip in my life.

Heck, probably everyone needs a bat flip… 

Someway to politely but decisively tell other people that we're not going to let them push us around.

Yeah, another way to show the middle finger.

I want that.

We're moving on to the next round in the MLB playoffs but honestly? 

I'm not sure it can get any better than this…

Go Jays Go!



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