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It’s good to have a team…

JaysWhen I was just a tween I watched the Toronto Blue Jays play their first EVER opening game in the snow.

Fast forward a year and I had my bedroom decorated in MLB approved Blue Jays wallpaper.

I still have my scrapbooks from the team's first few years. I cut out  and pasted a lot of newspaper articles when I was young.

Just last week my son was admiring all the baseball cards that I have kept of my team over the years, I have a binder full of cards – all lovingly sorted and preserved. 

Yes, I am a fan and have been for a VERY long time.

But, the last time my team was in the playoffs – I was getting married.  

So now, I am thrilled that I am FINALLY getting to see my team in post-season play again, this time I'm watching them compete with my TEENAGERS.


It's been twenty-two years.

So, yesterday when my entire family was camped out on the couch waiting to watch our team play in a win-or-you're-out post-season game and the cable went out twenty minutes before the game was about to start?


So, in the spirit of Canadian Thanksgiving – which was yesterday too.

I would like to announce - 

I am thankful for sports bars…..


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