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Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s Thanksgiving weekend.

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving, everyone.

We have a busy weekend coming up with all the usual activities/errands to run. We'll also be watching our favorite baseball team play in the postseason and we have the family coming over for dinner on Sunday.

It’s all good but it does mean that I need to clean the house and um, do laundry and do a few extra things – like prepare a huge meal for sixteen people.

And it means my two older kids will be home for the weekend.

And their presence means that there will be empty cereal boxes left in the cupboard, there will be two really messy bathrooms, the dog will be wired up but not walked, the TV’s will be left on with no one watching them, there will be pizza delivered at weird hours and there will be a lot of good natured bickering going on between my offspring as they all get reacquainted  - which will drive me crazy.

It will be chaotic and at times, maddening.

And you know what?

I can’t wait.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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