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I have a huge writing project to get done this month.

My dedication to getting it finished on time has left me with less time for doing other things, like keeping on top of the clutter, laundry and general cleaning of my house.

I knew this would happen so I made a deliberate effort at the end of summer to try and de-clutter and tidy my house so that it didn't get too bad.

That didn't work.

It's bad.

My husband came home yesterday from work and saw the mess and me just ignoring it (but hating it) as I worked away on my project.

‘What can I do to help?’ he asked.

‘Just clean up some of the piles of stuff around the house,’ I suggested. ‘It's garbage day tomorrow so just throw everything away or put it away. I don't care which.’

‘I can do that,’ he declared.

My husband then dragged our daughter into his cleanup project and a little while later they came back to report that cleaning up the house hadn't been too hard to do because the stuff thrown all over the house,

(wait for it)





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