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The Swing Set

On Tuesday, my sister and brother-in-law are coming to take away this old girl.

  Swing Set 007


She’s seen better days, but my brother-in-law is handy and he intends to take our old wooden swing set  apart, refinish it and then put it back together again in his son’s back yard for his grandson’s enjoyment.

Now I know this is a good thing, my own kids have long outgrown our swing set and it deserves to be loved and used again.

But today I can't help but be a little nostalgic about its impending departure as I remember the countless hours I spent outside pushing one child or another on the swings before my babies learned to pump for themselves.

Our family swing set has been disassembled and moved to three different countries where it was reassembled and greeted like an old friend each time by my children. It was a welcome and comforting friend in each new place.

And, it's hard not to be wistful as I remember the many times my children would beg their Dad to fly them to the sky with a ‘super-dee-launcher’ push and when he did the summer nights were filled with my children’s laughter.

There were the scary times with the swing set too. Once my daughter managed to fly off it and I'll never forget my terror when my son came running to tell me she had fallen and wasn't moving. She was just fine but that day I discovered just how much I could worry. In April of 2010, I blogged about it here.

Yes, we’ve been blessed to have this swing-set and next week when I look out the back window I will miss seeing it there and I’ll be saddened by what its disappearance represents – babies growing up and time moving all too fast.

Goodbye, old friend.

And thank-you.


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