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Ten Good Things About My Kids Moving To University…

Ten10. I have found ALL my scissors. Friends? I have SEVEN pairs of kitchen scissors now.

9. There are no empty cereal boxes in the kitchen cupboards and there are no empty milk containers in my fridge.

8. All the cordless phones are back in their respective cradles and are not scattered under couch cushions all over the house.

7. There is less laundry for me to do.

6. Grocery bills and trips to the grocery store have gone down substantially.

5. There are no oversized smelly shoes to trip over in the back hall.

4. I’ve discovered the TV has channels on it that don’t show sports 24/7.

3. I can see the carpets of two more bedrooms in my house. The clothes are picked up and the beds are made.

2. There is only one child left living at home to grump at me in the morning, roll their eyes at me constantly or look at me like I have two heads when I ask them silly questions like, ‘How was school today?’.

But, do you want to know what the BEST thing is about two of my children moving off to University?

Drum roll, please,

1. The phone calls I get from them telling me they're happy and doing well.


2 thoughts on “Ten Good Things About My Kids Moving To University…

  1. “I have found all my scissors.” SNORT. Looking forward to this – I swear we must have at least 20 pairs in the house but can never find a pair when needed.
    So glad to hear the ones away are doing well and are happy!


  2. Mara here from Be Nice or Leave Thanks! I can’t seem to get rid of mine. My daughter left and came back. And I wish I could find my scissors. Someone has stolen my kitchen shears so now cutting up a whole chicken is a real pain. I should just stop cooking.


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