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Back to School – Finally! :)

As of today all my kids are back at school.

I know most other schools have been in session for a while but my youngest daughter's school didn't get going until today.

In my back hall I have a message board that I always use to post wishes and sayings and funny (in my opinion) messages.

I put up this, my usual Back to School cheery message, about a week ago.

  Back to School Message Board

A few short years ago my children would have been happy to see it. 

This year one of my kids rearranged the letters to say something nasty.

Another child growled at it as she went by.

This is how I know my kids are growing up.

They don't want to go to school.

Still, if they think school is annoying, I can't wait until they see what the full-time working world is like…


2 thoughts on “Back to School – Finally! :)

  1. I always fantasize about children who are curious and love to learn and enjoy school, even if it’s just for the clubs and social aspects. But I also have three (well, at least two, jury’s still out on the youngest) groaners who complained bitterly about the start of the school year. I think maybe if I worked them a little harder over the summer it wouldn’t seem like such a glamourous alternative – maybe a chores list and a few research projects for next year? 🙂


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