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Last weekend my husband and I moved our son into his dorm room for his first year of University.

Yesterday morning I sent a very short text to my boy telling him I hoped he had a great first day of classes.

About three hours later, I got a text back from him.

His text consisted of two words, 'Thank you'.

I picked up my phone to reply. I wanted to text back something along the lines of:

How are you? Is University fun? How was orientation? Are you meeting new people? Have you made new friends? Are you happy? How is the food? Are you eating okay? Are you taking your allergy medication? How are your allergies? Do you like your new dorm room? Do you have everything you need? Is your new roommate nice? Have you been to many parties? Are you worried about your classes? Are you okay? ARE YOU OKAY???

But I didn't. We agreed when we dropped him off that he would call home this Sunday.

So, I just texted him back a happy face. 🙂

His text let me know he's alive and I honestly believe I need to leave him alone and let him enjoy his freedom and all these new experiences without the nattering of his Mom on his phone everyday.

I know he loves me, he knows I love him and if he needs help I know he will reach out to me or his Dad.

So, after I sent him back a happy face symbol, I set down my phone and walked away from it. 

But, friends?

It was really hard not to send that text.

Really, really, REALLY hard.


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