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I saw a bear…


My youngest daughter and I spent most of the summer up north at our family cottage.

We had a great time together. We swam, we hiked, we watched Big Brother, she worked and I wrote. It was all good.

At our cottage if you want to get rid of garbage you have to drive it over to the refuse centre that's located about ten minutes away.

One hot summer evening when we went to drop off our garbage there was a bear there.

A BIG bear.

Now, there are signs at the centre warning us that there could be bears and I've often thought it might be nice, fun even, to see a real bear.

And now I have.

Did I mention this bear was big?

Yep, he was.


So, that particular night, after seeing the bear, my daughter and I decided to drive back home with the garbage and drop it off another night instead – preferably a night when the bear wasn't in attendance. 

It's one thing to think that black bears are cute in pictures because, in real life?

They kinda big

– and scary.

Just sayin'.


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