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Flying from my nest…

SuitcaseYesterday I moved my baby boy into his dorm room at University.

Yes, he's almost eighteen now so I do know he's not a baby.

But he's my only son, and when I look at him I still see a cute blonde toddler with gorgeous dimples; I don't really see the six foot, dark haired, strong young man (still with the gorgeous dimples) that he's become. 

So, now he's all settled at his new school and I know he'll do great there.

My oldest daughter is also settled in her new apartment ready to start her third year of University.

Which means tonight I only have one child left at home.

Okay, two if you count my husband.

But still, two of my chicks have flown out of my nest.

And it all happened in the blink of an eye.

I'm proud of them and thrilled for them too.

But I also miss them.

A lot.

And you know what? I now think that's the hardest thing about being a Mom.

The missing part.



One thought on “Flying from my nest…

  1. Our nephew started university this fall and I am having real trouble separating the pseudo-man he is now with the cool preschooler he’ll always be in my head. Surely he isn’t old enough to handle university? EEK.
    Hope your middle child is doing fine and remembering to call home every now and again :).


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