And it’s gone! Again….

Phone ChargerThis is a picture of my phone charger.

I know it’s my phone charger because of the pretty pink, orange and green tape I’ve wrapped around it.

I did this because with everyone home for the summer we now have five iPhones and several iPads in the house, and they all use the same charger.

Lately, the charging cord for my phone never seemed to be where I thought I’d left it. 

My teenagers tried to convince me that my aging and therefore fading memory was the cause of this.

But, since I’ve invested two dollars in tape to mark MY charger it is now readily identifiable from the other chargers in the house and guess what?

The darn thing is always where I think I left it now.

This morning however my husband was complaining that his charger is missing.

And you know what? No matter what our children are trying to convince him, I don’t think his memory is fading any more than mine was, or ur, is.

So, just to prove how much I love him (and my point) I’m going to spend two dollars today and get my husband some tape to help him identify his charger too.

You’re welcome, honey.

And kids?


We are not losing our minds.



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