Daughters · Me

Me neither…

My oldest child is back at school getting ready to start her third year of University.

This year she has her own apartment to manage too.

She's doing great, her marks are good, she's happy and she's busy working towards her dream. I am thrilled.

Yep, thrilled, as well as proud and happy for her.

When I saw this sign a few weeks ago though I immediately snapped a picture and sent it to her.

Me Neither
At twenty my daughter is now experiencing the joys of paying rent, cleaning her own apartment, doing her own laundry, paying bills, setting alarms for classes and she’s trying to secure a part time job too.

She's all grown up with adult problems like weird smells coming from the apartment next door and a toilet that clogs.

When my girl received this picture she responded to my text with just one word - Me.

Yep, the sign clearly summarizes the way she is feeling about all the adult chores she is now dealing with.

I quickly replied with two words.

'Me too.'

Peter Pan had this life stuff all figured out, didn't he?



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