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Be kind to everyone…

Mop bucket
My daughter has her first paying job this summer.

There were a few bumps in the learning curve but now she seems to be doing great.

Unfortunately, she’s working retail and at fifteen she’s figured out that adults can be just as bitchy and frightening as her peers.

This has made me a little sad.

I mean why do people have to be nasty to a fifteen year old who is obviously working her first job?


Because of her new job my daughter has also learned how to mop a floor.

When I pulled up to pick her up from work last week she was out front mopping the tiles of the quaint summer ice cream stand where she works.

It wasn’t going well and while she huffed a bit at my offer to help she did finally let me show her how to mop a floor properly.

And once she knew what to do – she did an excellent job.

Now if I could only convince her to mop our kitchen floor too.

Yeah, that’s probably never going to happen.

But I think now, after working this summer job, she will always be kind to people working retail….


3 thoughts on “Be kind to everyone…

  1. My mom worked as a waitress and we were brought up on the rule, “If you don’t have enough money to leave a decent tip, you don’t have enough money to eat out.” So your daughter’s lesson may even get carried to the next generation.
    I’ve often suspected my sunny view of humanity has a lot to do with the fact that I’ve never worked retail….


  2. Retail and fast food are tough, but I agree – maybe an important lesson in how to treat people in the service industry. Good to hear she found something, though – these days finding summer work as a teen is just brutal. Hope you had some fun this summer, too!


  3. I work in retail myself and find that customers get their attitude from how you act towards them. Good for her at 15 for finding a job! Mopping is a skill she’ll need for the rest of her life.


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