Chaos is good, right?

I'm tired.

I am actually tired enough that I may have to take a nap today.

The source of my uh, tiredness is that I've been trying to do too much and sleep is what I've been giving up in order to fit everything into my schedule. 

I keep trying to get things better organized hoping that will help but it doesn't seem to be working.

Now I'm thinking about just letting everything descend into chaos and see how that works.

We don't need food in the house or the laundry done. Do we?

Deadlines? Pfft. Forget about them. I mean, who needs pay cheques?

The bank will understand if I don't pay my mortgage on time, right?

Ok, so maybe I don't want chaos but I just need to redefine my priorities. 

Which leads me back to the need to be better organized.

So, I guess that means chaos is not an option, right?

And here I thought I might be on to something there for a minute….



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