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Only love can break a heart…

Musical theatreMy youngest daughter is singing a musical theatre piece in a music festival tomorrow and I was trying to help her prepare for her performance tonight.

'You're singing about your heart being broken in this piece,' I told her as we talked about the different facial expressions she could use and how her voice should sound.

'Well, how exactly does one look and sound when they have a broken heart?' she asked me.

And I tried to come up something better then – really, really, REALLY sad.

Yeah, I failed.

Still, can we stop time?


I like the fact that she doesn't know what a broken heart feels like.

And honestly, it breaks my heart a little tonight to think that one day she's going to understand how a broken heart looks and feels all too well. 

At fourteen she's not that little anymore.

But I'd like her to be.

I really, really would.


One thought on “Only love can break a heart…

  1. I want to stop time too. I dread the day my sons are suffering from broken hearts. Will I even know or will they keep it from me? Even if I know how can I take the pain away?
    All of that said I would hate for them to miss out on falling in love, even with the risks.


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