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Getting things done…

I have a tendency to fall into a drill sergeant 'get things done' mood now and again.

It's happening today as I'm trying to get three kids organized for going back to school, get a house cleaned up after a summer of being ignored, meet some work deadlines and get a cottage closed up for the season.

I feel busy.

And so today I've been looking for some help from my family to get things organized and done around here.

It’s not going well.

You see I am a mother of teens and planning ahead and organizing just doesn't seem to be part of my kid's uh, abilities yet. 

It could be because their prefrontal cortex hasn't fully developed yet, that seems to get a lot of the blame for the failings of our kids in the press these days.

I however have a sneaky suspicion that I'm not getting any help because my teens are just lazy.

Yep, I said it.


I just want my teens to get on organizing their things and honestly, I am trying to get them to do it without harping or nagging at them.

I'm REALLY trying.

But, based on all the eye rolling and complaining going on around here?

I'm failing.




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