He can drive….

Car KeysThis morning, I got up from behind my desk and went to ask my son if he was ready to go to his appointment.

‘Can’t I just take the car and go on my own?’ he asked.

Oh crap.

I’d already forgotten.

My son got his driver’s license yesterday.

I no longer need to drive him everywhere.


Now all my son is going to want from me is my car and uh, my money.


What happened next?

1. I gave my boy some money to buy himself some lunch and I handed him my car keys.

2. I tried to keep myself busy so I wouldn’t worry about him.

3. All the time my son was gone, I prayed that he would drive carefully and return home to me safely.

And he did.

But those steps I just listed?

I’m probably going to be repeating them a lot over the next few months.

And years.



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