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Robin WilliamsRobin Williams died yesterday.

In one of the newspaper articles reporting his passing he was quoted about the difficulties of acting as a profession,

“You’re hot, then you’re not. When you’re hot, people throw themselves at you. I once got stopped by a cop: ‘Hi, Mr. Williams. I’m not going to give you a ticket, but I do have an idea for a film.’

And when you’re not hot: “People walk away from you.”

I can't believe people walked away from Robin Williams.

I mean, seriously?

If I had ever seen him, and it had been even remotely appropriate, I'd have walked up to him, given him the 'Na-nu Na-nu' hand sign from Mork and Mindy and said, 'O' Captain, My Captain.'

I LOVED Dead Poet's Society and I would loved to have met Robin Williams.

But now, I'll never get that chance.

Depression is an evil disease.

Robin Williams, thank you for the laughter and the joy you shared. You touched the hearts of many and I will miss all you inspired.

Rest in Peace.


One thought on “Sad

  1. Depression is debilitating and extremely isolating. It doesn’t matter how many loved ones you are surrounded by or how much support you have or how many resources. There are still times when it knocks you down and convinces you there is no way out and no one can help you. My heart goes out to Robin Williams and everyone who has suffered through a lifetime of coping with depression.


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